Basic research based on space mission data

Concurrent development of instruments, technology systems and designs for space missions, scientific data derived from these missions are utilized to improve scientific research and maximize the value of the data returned from the missions.

The close link between space science and space mission technology is unique for DTU Space. We collect data and knowledge about the functionality space instrumentation in harsh environments and scientific data about phenomena in the universe. This results in several scientific publications every year.

We use our knowledge to conduct basic scientific research and applied research. We are publishing several new results in different reputable journals every year.

An example is the collection of data on dust particles in space discovered with the camera navigation system (a star tracker system consisting of four cameras) for NASA’s JUNO mission on the way to Jupiter. The spacecraft flew through interplanetary dust that was registered by our camera systems. A theory is that this dust belt stems from Mars and cover a huge area between the planet and the Earth. The findings is published in the scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Find our list of peer reviewed scientific publications here