Denmark pictured from ISS by Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen 2015. (DTU Space/ESA)

Space is the starting point for our activities. From there we explore the Earth and the universe using spacecrafts, aircrafts, satellites and drones. We develop technologies and instruments for that purpose.



Testing equipment for ESA's ASIM-mission where DTU Space has the scientific leadership. (DTU Space)

DTU Space has more than 50 years of experience with space science. We are world leading in several fields due to a unique interaction between science, technology and applied research.



Drone system being developed at DTU Space to identify unexploded WW II mines. (Skywatch A/S)

We employ 190 people. We work with private businesses and universities in Denmark and internationally. We advice public authorities. We educate space scientists and engineers - 300 students are enrolled.



DTU Space is participating in NASA's Juno-mission and we have provided star trackers for the spacecraft. (NASA)

We have participated in more than 100 international space missions. We work with both ESA and NASA and a number of national space organizations and universities.



Swarm. Copyright: ESA
A three-satellite constellation maps the geomagnetic field.
ASIM instrumentet monteret på ISS, set direkte nedenfra

Denmarks space-based storm chaser launched to ISS 2018.

Juno-fartøjet i kredsløb om Jupiter. (Illustration: NASA)

Exploring the nature of Jupiter in unprecedented detail.

Conducting radar altimeter on land, sea and ice from space.