Afsluttede diplomafgangsprojekter m/ DTU Space-vejledere

Afsluttede diplomafgangsprojekter frem til 31. juli 2019.

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Projekttitel Retning År
Test and implementation of Lock-in amplifier to Electrical Impedance Tomography
Elektroteknologi 2019 
Algorithms for Filter Banks used for Spectral Analysis of Audio Signals in Embedded Systems
Elektroteknologi 2019
Mechanical platform for student CubeSat projects Maskinteknik 2019
Closing mechanism for the Smart UAV
Utilization of millimeter wave band for radar application
Elektroteknologi 2018
Flash Translation Layer for low power NOR flash memory Elektroteknologi 2018
System design of a controller unit for development of formation flying drones Elektroteknologi 2018
Stereo Based Nadir Oriented Visual Odometry System for UAV´s Elektroteknologi 2017
FPGA firmware, LED driver design and hardware layout for a modular, small footprint, SuperSpeed, infrared camera system, to use in low cost consumer eye tracking Elektroteknologi 2016
Optimization of architecture and scalability of existing software defined radio for GNSS applications IT-elektronik 2016
Communicationlink between classification lazer and ANPR-camera to regulate cabotage Elektroteknologi 2015
GNSS/GPS jamming, resistancy and effects Mobilitet, Transport og Logistik 2015
Development of an FPGA-based decimation filter Elektroteknologi 2015
Design and implementation of an FPGA-based decimation filter Elektroteknologi 2015
Autogeneration of unittests from Equivalence Partitioning Boundary-Value Analysis(EP-BVA) sheets Elektroteknologi 2015
Error detection and handling mechanism providing seamless communication redundancy on a proportiary protocol Elektroteknologi 2015
Design, test, and implementation of microcontroller based conveyor controller. Elektroteknologi 2015
Design and Implementation of a Communication System between a Smart-PIG and an Ultrasonic Flow sensor Elektroteknologi 2014
High bandwidth handling of CMOS sensor data, implemented on an FPGA/MCU based SOC platform Elektroteknologi 2014
Redundant network with PRP IEC 6231-3 in an FPGA based distributed real-time system Elektroteknologi 2014
Automatic system for measuring "Head Related Transfer Functions" Elektroteknologi 2014
Detection and Classification of Reverberant Environments for the Application in Hearing Aids Elektroteknologi 2013
Method for Compensation of Dead Transducerelements in Digital Beamformer - Design and Implementation in VHDL Elektroteknologi 2012
Long Range Qualification Test of DTUsat-2 Data Link Elektroteknologi 2012
Wireless Firmware Update with EEPROMs using Android Smartphones Elektroteknologi 2012
Design and Implementation of a frequency correlation demodulator in the radio link of a hearing aid device Elektroteknologi 2012
Digitalization of an analog water meter using a camera Elektroteknologi 2012
Detection of fatty acids by the use of infra-red spectroscopy Elektroteknologi 2012
Improvement on the objective estimation of noise annoyance by excluding non-relevant noise sources Elektroteknologi 2012
Automatic detection of milk varieties using infrared spectroscopy Elektroteknologi 2012
Hearing Aid as Measurement Platform Elektroteknologi 2012
Automatic Pre Trigger Detector for Power Consumption Reduction - Snooze Mode Elektroteknologi 2012
Data Acquisition from a Magnetic AMR Sensor Elektroteknologi 2012
Imaging System for Detection of Bicycles on Right Turn Elektroteknologi 2011
Design and Implementation of System for 2D Visualisation of Sound Pressure Measurements - based on Smartphones Elektroteknologi 2011
Psychoacoustic Bass Enhancement using Frequency Tracking Elektroteknologi 2011
Frequency Domain Compression of Speech Elektroteknologi 2011
Synthesis and Management of Artificial Sounds in Hearing Aids Elektroteknologi 2010
Hardware Implementation of Mathematical Functions Elektroteknologi 2010
Mapping of Sound Emission at Outdoor Concerts - System design Elektroteknologi 2010
FPGA Core for Acquisition & Decode of Serial Data Elektroteknologi 2009
Programmable Sensor Emulator Elektroteknologi 2009
Miniaturized Telemetry Transmitter and Receiver for Bird Tracking Elektroteknologi 2009
Design and Implementation of Feedback Controlled Streaming for Hearing Aid Systems using Bluetooth Elektroteknologi 2009
Addition of Test Functionality to a SpaceWire IP Core Elektroteknologi 2009
Signal Analysis of Impedance measurements on Transducers Elektroteknologi 2009
Design and Implementation of System for Assessing the Sound Environment at Roskilde Festival Elektroteknologi 2009
Investigation & Implementation of Differential Sound Velocity Measurement Elektroteknologi 2009
Collection, processing and presentation of data from analog-to-digital converter(s) by use of FPGA technology Elektroteknologi 2009
System for Automated Test of Hearing Aids Elektroteknologi 2009
Design and Implementation of an algorithm for efficient compression of Ultrasound A-scan Data Elektroteknologi 2008
Timestretching of audio signals Elektroteknologi 2008
Voltage Monitor Elektroteknologi 2008
Digital microphone with LAN interface Elektroteknologi 2008
Design and implementation of a Computer-On-Module for handheld instruments Elektroteknologi 2008
Digital microphone with LAN interface Elektroteknologi 2008
Turbodecoder for GSM release 7 Elektroteknologi 2008
Design of flexible FPGA wrapper for a DSP simulator coded in C Elektroteknologi 2008
Design and Implementation of an Embedded Motor-controller on an FPGA using a Modular Design interfacing an embedded microblaze processor Elektroteknologi 2008