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Projekttitel Retning År
Hamiltonian Monte Carlo modelling of satellite magnetic data

Geofysik og Rumteknologi

Earth Observation CubeSat - Mission Proposal, and Systems Engineering Analysis and Design for DTUsat-4 Concept Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Detecting slope instabilities in Greenland using Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar imagery Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Design of a prospecting mission for mining in space Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Creation of Fire Risk Maps using UAVs Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Development and evaluation of Machine learning algorithms for the 3D CZT detector pulse-shape analysis Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Evaluation of Visual Odometry methods with applications to UAVs Elektroteknologi 2019
Analysis of the Z- and H-components of the Earth's magnetic field at frequencies up to 40 Hz Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Imaging Technology Investigation for Optical Guidance and Navigation Elektroteknologi 2019
Study of the effects of X-ray bursts observed by NuSTAR on their accretion environment Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Exploring atmospheric exoplanet models to study the capabilities of the James Webb Space Telescope Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Robust detection of range under Swerling 1 conditions Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
The effect of Forbush Decreases on atmospheric aerosols and clouds Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Streamer discharges in the atmosphere of Primordial Earth Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Analysis of the false alarms of geomagnetic storms due to Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) to investigate the correlation between CME properties and the associated geomagnetic indices Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Measurements of the Power State in Transformer Stations Elektroteknologi 2019
Early identification and detection of interplanetary coronal mass ejections and co-rotating interaction regions using machine learning on solar-wind data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Analysis of radar data from the SHARAD instrument onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: An assessment of liquid water occurrence under the South Polar Layered Deposits Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Application of interferometric phase-based techniques to ice motion measurements in Greenland using Sentinel-1 SAR data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Correction of ionospheric propagation effects in Synthetic Aperture Radar ground motion measurements Gæst, udl. 2019
Detection and characterization of icebergs and sea ice in Kongsfjorden (Svalbard) based on ground-based radar images and additional remote sensing data Byggeteknologi 2019
Integrated multi-projection visualization and interactive user control Elektroteknologi 2019
Analysis of UV glimpses from thunderstorms Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Evaluation of motion estimation algorithms for visual odometry Elektroteknologi 2019
Investigating the use of Chromium to balance the stress on the X-ray mirror coatings for the ATHENA mission and its effect on the overall performance of the telescope Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Application of model-based systems engineering tools for generating, clarifying and structuring requirements for a power system concept in the establishment of a lunar base Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Advanced modulation schemes for CW radar Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Super resolution beamforming Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Sensor technology investigation for vision based navigation Elektroteknologi 2019
The dynamics of the Polar Ionospheric Electrojet determined using ground magnetic data from Greenland Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Gravity field and geoid of the Faroe Islands and the Azores Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Satellite remote sensing for water management in agriculture (samarbejde m/ COWI) Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Probabilistic inversion of satellite magnetic data using geostatistical simulation in spherical geometry Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Hydrodynamical modeling of r-process enrichment in a Milky Way-like galaxy - can the observed spread in stellar r-process abundance constrain the astrophysical production site? Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Time-resolved spectral analyses of thermonuclear X-ray bursts observed by INTEGRAL/JEM-X Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
High resolution regional modelling of the lithospheric magnetic field by a Slepian approach using satellite gradient data from CHAMP and Swarm Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Modelling the present day and future climate of Antarctica (samarbejde m/ DMI) Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2019
Evaluation of model-based systems engineering processes for Integration of power system in the establishment of a lunar base Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Detection and discrimination of ships and icebergs in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data Elektroteknologi 2018
The Impact of the Cosmic Microwave Background on the Far-IR Observations of Star Forming Galaxies during the Cosmic Dawn Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Improved accuracy for RTK positioning Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Development of W/C multilayers using reactive sputtering Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Design of an instrument for detection of conductors with electromagnetic method Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Characterization of potentially geo-effective events near Earth orbit and estimation of the associated risk based on solar wind magnetic field data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Design and Implementation of a microwave radiometer for C-band Elektroteknologi 2018
Magnetic anomalies related to unexploded ordnance – a ground and unmanned aerial vehicle approach Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Characterization and Testing of Magnetometers for use in UAV Based Magnetic Surveying Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Parameter retrieval from microwave radiometer satellite observations of polar oceans Elektroteknologi 2018
Relative positioning system for UAVs in swarming applications Informationsteknologi 2018
Characterization of New Generation 3D CZT High Resolution X- and Gamma-ray Detector for High Energy Space Mission Concept Geofysik og Rumteknologi


Studies of scattering from multilayers for the Athena mission Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Speckle reduction in synthetic aperture radar images Elektroteknologi 2018
An airborne platform for magnetic field observations on Mars Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Convolutional neural networks for ice concentration retrieval from SAR data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Investigation of Pose Estimation for Optical Navigation of Formation Flying Cooperative Satellites Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Definition and Development of Electric Propulsion Thruster Simulator Elektroteknologi 2018
Development of an Optical Intersatellite Communication System Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Exploring the Impact of Heat-flux Anomalies Derived from Magnetic Data on Solid Earth and Cryosphere Dynamics Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Investigation of vision based navigation of formation flying cooperative satellites Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Modeling of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) by Probabilistic Inversion of Synthetic and Real Magnetic Data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Portable Radiometer for Teaching Purposes Elektroteknologi 2018
Ray-tracing the optics of the Athena X-ray telescope using the McXtrace AstroX toolbox Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
Sensitivity in sea level change in Iceland to ice mass loss in different places on Earth using SELEN Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2018
A Study of Flow in Earth's Core Inferred from Satellite Magnetic Measurements Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
A Study of Neutron stars in Globular Clusters using Swift X-ray Observations Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Assessment of Space-based Interferometric Aircraft Geolocation Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Automated Generation of Digital Elevation Models for Military Applications Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Classification of SAR Images Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Design of a Scalable X-band FMCW Radar Cell for Mapping Purposes Elektroteknologi 2017
Development of Ni/B4C Coatings for High Energy X-ray Telescopes using Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Digital Terrain Modelling using Precise Positioning and Attitude on UAVs Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Distribution of the Gas Temperature in the Galaxy Cluster A2256 Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Effect of lift-off processes on Iridium and boron carbide coated X-ray mirrors Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Effects of Cosmic Rays on Organic Materials in the Martian Environment Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Geophysical measurements on Mars Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Handheld X-band Radiometer for Educational Use Elektroteknologi 2017
Identification and design of critical RF building blocks for scalable X-band FMCW radar Elektroteknologi 2017
Incorporation of Realistic Source Wavelet Uncertainty in Tomographic GPR Full-waveform Inversion Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Infrastructure Design and Well Being in Refugee Camps Bygningsdesign 2017
Lightning Activity and Cloud Formation at the Tropopause Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Long Term Stability of X-ray Mirror Coatings for Athena Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Optimisation of depth graded W/Si multilayer coating designs for high energy telescopes Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Quantification of Modeling Errors in Cross-borehole GPR Full-waveform Inversion through Incorporation of Amplitude and Travel Time Modeling Errors and Source Pulse Uncertainty Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
Stereo Visual Odometry for UAVs Elektroteknologi 2017
Study of how cosmic rays affect UBAT and SMT with GEANT4 Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
System design of an X-band radiometer and implementation of selected building blocks Elektroteknologi 2017
System Design of Signal Generator and Data Collection for FMCW Radar Elektroteknologi 2017
System for Hardware-based Estimation of Relative Position and Attitude Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
The Effect of Lift-off and Cleaning Procedures on the Performance of Coatings for Athena Mission Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
The impact of a single supernova on Earth's cloud cover Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2017
3D Reconstruction of Environments from Full Waveform LIDAR Data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Change detection in SAR images Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Changes in the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream through the last 40 years based on geophysical measurements Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Design and implementation of a multi-patch radiometer Elektroteknologi 2016
Empirical model of field-aligned currents and geomagnetic storms Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
High accuracy temporal synchronization of autonomous, formation flying spacecraft using optical communication Elektroteknologi 2016
Mapping and visualization of diabetic patients activities and health parameters towards better treatments Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Melting of the worlds glaciers from GRACE and distribution of the meltwater in the worlds ocean Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Modular Robotics - Interactive Building Blocks Elektroteknologi 2016
Multi Purpose Computer Vision System for Embedded UAV Applications Informationsteknologi 2016
Observation requirements for determination of the conducting structure of stellar bodies Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Past Warm Climates Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Post-stack inversion of shallow seismic data Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Recent changes in the Earth’s core magnetic field Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
Simulation of X-ray Telescope for Gamma Burst Detection and Source Localization Informationsteknologi 2016
Snapshots of Greenland Ice Velocities from Optical Remote Sensing Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2016
X-band radar for detection of small maritime objects Elektroteknologi 2016
Automatic tie-point matching from optical and radar satellite imagery Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Coastal and Arctic Sea Level from Cryosat-2 SAR-in Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Design and implementation of a Delta-Sigma ADC in an FPGA Elektroteknologi 2015
Development of impedance spectroscopy sensor Elektroteknologi 2015
Harmonic noise reduction in Doppler radar systems Elektroteknologi 2015
High Resolution Spectral Decomposition and Probabilistic Layer Thickness Inversion in Danish North Sea Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Investigation of Co based multilayers for hard X-ray mirrors for high energy Astrophysics telescopes Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Investigation of Ni based Multilayers for hard X-ray mirrors for high energy Astrophysics telescopes Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Optical precision navigation for Deep Space missions to Icy Moons Elektroteknologi 2015
Optimal pose and position estimator for precision formation flying spacecraft Elektroteknologi 2015
RFI Detected and mitigated by Spectral Kurtosis Elektroteknologi 2015
Sea level change accuracy from satellite altimetry Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Seismic amplitudes in hydrocarbon exploration Olie- og Gasteknologi 2015
Silicon Drift Detector for X-ray Astrophysics Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Statistical methods for georeferencing and terrain modeling Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Validation of CryoSat-2 SARIn performance over Arctic sea ice Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2015
Acoustic Wave Propagation in the Ocean and Sea Bottom Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2014
Design and Implementation of a Miniature Altimeter Radar Elektroteknologi 2014
Detection of Spin of a Sports Ball using Doppler Radar Elektroteknologi 2014
Doppler Spectra of Coherent Ice Sounding Radar: Estimation and Processor Adaptation Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2014
Exploring the Conductivity of Earth's Interior by means of Electromagnetic Sounding - a Model Study in COMSOL Fysik og Nanoteknologi 2014
Geostatistical Modeling of Buried Valleys Olie- og Gasteknologi 2014
Gravimetric prospecting: Searching for new hydrocarbon basins using global models Olie- og Gasteknologi 2014
Instrumentation Suite for Highly Autonomous Lunar Landing Elektroteknologi 2014
Investigation of Photolithography Process for the ATHENA Mission Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2014
Measurement of the Scalar Magnetic Field and its Applications Elektroteknologi 2014
Modelling of Auroral Electrojets based on Magnetic Measurements from Polar Low Earth Orbiting spacecraft Geofysik og Rumteknologi 2014
Provision of spin axis orientation for dielectric spherical objects using Doppler radar Elektroteknologi 2014
Sea Ice Classification using a Multi Sensor Approach Elektroteknologi 2014
Shear estimation based on large-scale image structure within the framework of the GREAT3 Challenge Matematisk modellering og Computing 2014
Analysis and Implementation of Real-time high precision frequency determination for Proton Precession Magnetometer Elektroteknologi 2013
Arctic Ionosphere TEC Based on GNSS Observations Matematisk modellering og Computing 2013
Change detection in polarimetric SAR data Elektroteknologi 2013
Design of USB Datalink for Remote Sensing Elektroteknologi 2013
Evaluating ground penetrating radar technology for Maersk Oil and Gas applications Elektroteknologi 2013
Interferometric processing and analysis of airborne P-band synthetic aperture radar data Elektroteknologi 2013
Photogrammetric methods for museum contents reconstruction Matematisk modellering og Computing 2013
Processing and Analysis of Airborne P-band Radar Data from the Langjökull Ice Cap Elektroteknologi 2013
Radar Imaging of Subsurface Hydrocarbon and minerals using Atomic Dielectric Resonance (ADR) Elektroteknologi 2013
Analysis and Design of Discrete Low Noise Amplifier for CubeWatch Elektroteknologi 2012
Design of a Digital Signal Processing unit for Laser Bathymetry Elektroteknologi 2012
Diffuse foreground removal from Planck Sky Model data using Multi Layer Perceptrons Fysik og Nanoteknologi 2012
Estimation of sea ice concentration from SAR images Elektroteknologi 2012
Infrasound detection of sprites Elektroteknologi 2012
RADAR detection of multiple objects in the presence of Jet Engine Modulation Elektroteknologi 2012
System analysis and signal processing for surveillance radar Elektroteknologi 2012
The dynamics of gigantic electric discharges Fysik og Nanoteknologi 2012
Analysis and Design of Ultra Low Aplifier for X-ray Detector Elektroteknologi 2011
Coherent Surface Clutter Suppression Techniques for Airborne and Space-based Radar Ice Sounding Elektroteknologi 2011
Improved nowcasting of heavy precipitation using satellite and weather radar data Matematisk modellering og Computing 2011
Inertially Stabilized Platform for Stratospheric Balloons - A low cost system utilizing COTS components Elektroteknologi 2011
Multivariate Analysis of the Greenland Inland Ice Melt-off from Remote Sensing Data Matematisk modellering og Computing 2011
Optical Identification of Blue Jets Elektroteknologi 2011
RFI Detected by Kurtosis: Compare Double Detector and Digital Method Elektroteknologi 2011
Calibration of TeraHertz Camera Elektroteknologi 2010
Design and Verification of the COM Tx System for DTUsat-ll Elektroteknologi 2010
Digital fluxgate magnetometer based on a DSP processor Elektroteknologi 2010
Real-time 3D acquisition method for shape, texture and volume measurement of moving objects Elektroteknologi 2010
CDMA decoder for DTUsat-2 Elektroteknologi 2009
Compact L-band Radiometer System Elektroteknologi 2009
Exploratory Analysis of Climate Related Geodata Elektroteknologi 2009
Ku Band Radiometer for RFI Dectection Elektroteknologi 2009
Retrieval of snow parameters over sea ice in the Arctic Elektroteknologi 2009
Compact Front-End for L-Band Radiometer Elektroteknologi 2008
Development of a low power triaxial magnetometer Elektroteknologi 2008
Development of Control Electronics for CdZnTe-ASIC Detector Systems in Space Research Elektroteknologi 2008
Interferometry applied in Radio Astronomy Elektroteknologi 2008
Scientific and Technological Aspects of the Mars Surface Magnetic Observatory (MSMO) Elektroteknologi 2008
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