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Swarm DISC - the Data, Innovation and Science Cluster - is a consortium of expert partners with a project office at DTU Space supporting the exploitation of the Swarm mission. The objective of Swarm DISC is to foster an ecosystem of new innovative data products or services enhancing the return on investment with respect to the Swarm scientific results.

Open Call for Ideas

Swarm DISC collects ideas for "New products, tools, and services" from the scientific community. The are no current calls for ideas.

Submitted ideas are evaluated by the Swarm DISC Advisory Board (DAB) and recommendations for development considered. After ESA's approval of the choices, Tender Evaluation Boards are selected to write the Invitation to Tender (ITT) based on the recommended ideas.

Swarm DISC process from ideas to new products and services

Swarm constellation

Open Invitations To Tender

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Previous Invitation To Tender

The first call in 2016 resulted in 29 ideas. Four Invitations To Tender (ITT) were published on behalf of ESA for selected ideas early 2017, for a series of new projects targeted at evolving the Swarm mission outcome, according to a formal procurement procedure:

These first four projects are reaching transfer to operation in 2019. Other ideas have been recommended for consideration by the Science Exploitation Element of the ESA EO programme for the period 2017-2021. A group of ideas related to describing the ionosphere-thermosphere-magnetosphere coupling led to the definition of an ESA workshop and science meeting on these topics in September 2017.

The second call for ideas lead to the following ITTs:

For the third call issued in November 2018 a total of 9 ideas were submitted, three of which were selected for further development. These have formed the basis of the following Invitations to Tender:

For the fourth call issued in May 2019 a total of 13 ideas were submitted. Work on the further development of selected ideas is ongoing and has so far resulted in the following Invitation to Tender: