Swarm DISC

Invitation To Tender

Midlatitude Ionospheric Trough, Plasmapause and possibly related boundaries as determined from Swarm measurements

Swarm DISC ITT reference ID: SD-ITT-2.2

Open date:                2019-03-01
Closing deadline:      2019-06-03 12:00 GMT (Closed)
Latest update:           2019-06-03 12:00 GMT

This Invitation To Tender relates to the generation of time series of Ionospheric boundaries, based on the Swarm satellite mission.

Tender Documents

Cover Letter
Statement of Work
Draft Subcontract
Special Conditions of Tender
Proposal template (Word document)

Applicable and Reference Documents

Interfacing Control Document
Applicable Documents to Interfacing Control Document
Applicable Documents to Subcontract
Procurement procedure 

Questions and Answers

Clarification no 1 regarding updated Interface Control Document applicable to the project was published on 2019-03-14 


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Questions concerning the ITT shall be submitted in writing to the ITT e-mail or telefax as stated in the Cover Letter not later than ten (10) working days before the closing date. Questions should make specific reference to the appropriate section(s) of the ITT documents. Tenderers are asked to note that it is not possible to receive an immediate response to questions as each response published goes through an internal review process prior to it's publication.

This Invitation To Tender is published on behalf of ESA within the reference frame of ESA contract 4000109587, in accordance with the procurement procedure. Publication of this Invitation To Tender does not represent an obligation to issue a contract for the project.


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